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  •  International qualification  (Interns/trainees are issued certificates of completion after the training )
  •  Wide international exposure  (training can happen in 2 different states or coasts)
  •  Huge earning opportunity  (trainees are given training allowance of no less than $1,200/mo.)
  •   Huge income potential  (trainees are allowed to render overtime and get paid at a time and a half)


  1.  Fill-up US RESUME template       (download here)
  2.  Placement                                 (CURRENT VACANCIES)
  3.  Host Employer’s interview
  4.  Signing of Acceptance Letter
  5.  Signing of Training Agreement
  6.  Interview with US sponsor
  7.  Generation of DS-2019
  8.  US Embassy appearance
  9.  Deployment to US! 


  1.  Fill-up AUSTRALIA RESUME template       (download here)
  2.  English Proficiency Interview
  3.  Signing of Acceptance Notification
  4.  Signing of Training Agreement and Visa Declaration
  5.  Submission of Document to Embassy
  6.  Deployment to AUSTRALIA!


  •  Undergraduate or Fresh graduates of HRM, HM, Tourism, Culinary, and allied  Bachelor’s degree courses 
  •  Fresh graduates of Associate HRM, HM, Tourism, and Culinary courses
  •  At least a year of related experience for those who graduated more than a year  ago  
  •  At least 5-years of related experience for those who don’t have the required  education qualification
  •  Atleast 18 years of age