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April Jean Prieto

I am extremely thankful with the help of Isearch Int'l. Co. From the very beginning I knew that I made the right decision in trusting them to my future goals/career. It has saved me so much time and effort, and I’m always impressed with the service orientation I find when I interact with Isearch. They respond to questions almost immediately and address problems very effectively. They are organize and very easy to work with. The whole experience has been great and I am very happy that I am reaching my dreams to work in a different culture and to my future career.


- April Jean Prieto
Deployed : April 2016


Dianara Generoso

Thank you so much for helping me, to make my goals possible. I never regret to choose ISEARCH INTERNATIONAL CO. because they help us what to do, do orientation and most of all, they help us to make this possible. You make my life change. Thank you so much and now because of you my goals and dreams in life will definitely come true. They are the best and you will never regret if you choose ISEARCH. Once again thank you so much ISEARCH INTERNATIONAL CO.


- Dianara Generoso
Deployed : April 2016


Wenbelle Mae Salaum

Isearch International Co. has helped me pursue my dream of being a chef. Their staff are friendly, approachable and very committed. They will do what they can to help any applicants, as they did for me. Not only did I get the chance to follow my dreams, I also gained a lot of new friends. Thank you Isearch International Co.


- Wenbelle Mae Salaum
Deployed : April 2016


Kelly Marie Pertimos

Thank you iSearch for helping me to experience this memorable internship in United States. This
opportunity helps me a lot to achieve my dreams in life. I am trained more than 32 hours/per week, I got
overtime hours which is paid regular rate per hour plus half. I am very thankful of Isearch
International for giving me a good establishment to do my internship. Because of this program i can
show what i am capable of. In fact in my 3 months of being an intern i was chosen as an intern of the
quarter. Thank you so much isearch.

- Kelly Marie Pertimos
Deployed : January 2016


Christian Jusi

How was my experience in ISEARCH? Well they are the one who help me achieve my goals my dreams. Because of ISEARCH I’m here in the United states. Not only that I gain new friends because of them. I've been to places that I never thought that I could visited. So it was awesome. Fantastic people willing to help and guide you. I highly recommend ISEARCH for those who is planning to experience US like me.


-Christian Jusi
Deployed : June 2014


Charmaine Abrahan

I am very thankful and honored to become one of the intern in U.S.A. with the help of Isearch International Co. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to travel and work in the United States of America. Thank you for accommodating me from the very start of signing up, for the non-stop reminders and guiding me thru the embassy visa interview. Now, I can finally visit the place that once I dreamed of.


- Charmaine Abrahan

Deployed : April 2016


Ritchie Bacon

Thank you iSearch for helping me to experience this memorable internship in United States. This opportunity helps me a lot to achieve my dreams in life. I worked more than 40 hours/per week, I got commissions, I got overtime hours which is paid regular rate per hour plus half. I am very thankful of Isearch International for giving me a good establishment to do my internship. 

- Ritchie Bacon
Deployed : December 2013


Celiana Lace Gabuya

Good day ms. Sofie and ms. Mercy. Happy new year! I'd like to thank you for the wonderful experience that I have right now. Having sooo much fun with my life here in the US. Super challenging, a little scared but at the same time managed to do all my job well. This month I have been in service express, FO, and banquets. So much experience in my first month and looking forward for more. May GOD bless you , iSEARCH, and your families this year thank you very much!! 

- Celiana Lace Gabuya
Deployed : November 2013


Kris Lynn Chua


iSearch has helped me to make my dreams come into reality. I would never have thought that I can easily get to be trained in one of the reputable and well-known hotel all over the world. As long as you have determination and commitment to reach for your goals you will surely attain it with the help of Isearch. 

- Kris Lynn Chua
Deployed : August 2013


Janelle Mabaquiao

Isearch helped me in fulfilling my dream, to gain an excellent and priceless experience which we know American hotels can provide. Heads up to my isearch buddies.. Sir Manny, Ms Lian and Ms Pau.. They did a very good job not just in helping me with my papers but also they helped me in everything when there are times i would struggle. I must say, the isearch experience is pretty fun and so worth it! 

- Janelle Mabaquiao
Deployed : July 2013

Jezzreel Villanueva

Being a trainee in Grand America Hotel, Salt Lake City, Utah represent a great opportunity for any student in the field of Hospitality Management. In my case, the 12 months of Internship I am spending in United States of America working in different departments have been the greatest work experience I have, especially because it helped me improve my skills and gained work experience under the guidance of dedicated and skillful professionals. It also gives me chance to gain valuable experience while learning culture in another part of the world. My life as an International Trainee is indeed life-changing! Filled with travel and adventure, new challenge and life-long friends,. I'm blessed I am one of the luckiest Filipino Interns. To iSEARCH INTERNATIONAL, I would like to express my gratitude for helping me stand in the Land of my Dreams. You hit a mark in my life!

- Jezzreel Villanueva
Deployed : November 2012

Kristel Faith Tomado

Isearch experience has been the most amazing things in my life. This program helps my dream come true which is to fulfill my American dream. I'm thankful for all people who made our dreams come to reality. The program processing is just no sweat after a few months waiting finally we're here.

- Kristel Faith Tomado
Deployed : September 2012

Charissa Mider

iSearch has been helping qualified interns to become internationally competitive through the skills they acquire from their trainings abroad. I had hassle-free experience while processing my application because iSearch International is very much committed to fully serve and assist their applicants.

- Charissa Mider
Deployed : July 2012

Dann Julius Daroy

Thanks Isearch-Cdo. I'm doing good here in West Virginia,USA.Actually this my 2nd time already and God still gave me the opportunity. Isearch is one of the best agency in the Philippines.

- Dann Julius Daroy
Deployed : July 2012

Micha Mana

iSearch is a good agency and one of the best agency in bacolod.. if when it comes to the employee or agent they are very nice.

- Micha Mana
Deployed : July 2012

Greziel Bejemino

Before iSearch I have heard from 3 other companies offering the same program but iSearch for me is the best because they are all God fearing, they make my faith in GOD become stronger. That poverty should not be a hindrance to success. I don't have any single cent when I applied, all I did was ask GOD for provisions, and I was here now, enjoying the program and getting 3x to 4x of ROI. iSearch is always there to cheer you up, makes you strong, guides you until you reach the very top of your goals as intern. Having this experience in iSearch, all I can say is they're the best.

- Greziel Bejemino
Deployed : December 2011